Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes at The Lanphear Livery, Watch Hill RI

Yogastha Living Yoga & Meditation Classes

Instructor: Chris Liguori

Contact Chris at:

Parking: Street parking (2  hours free) is available. There is also free parking in the lot behind the Lanphear Livery while you are attending class.

Yoga Classes: Please bring a yoga mat to class, other props will be available.

Meditation Classes: Chairs will be provided for meditation; you are welcome to bring a cushion, mat or blanket  to support your practice.

Schedule: Please contact Chris

Class Descriptions:

Yoga Stretch & Breathe
This class gently helps yogis release  tension and your mind. Welcoming all levels, Stretch& Breathe pairs gentle, lengthening movements with breathwork to create  a balanced experience of groundedness, fluidity, and ease-both physically and energetically. Build strength & flexibility along with awareness as you connect the body, heart and mind.

Class Cost $15
Class Length – 60 Minutes

Yoga I/II
This class includes breath-work, centering & movement at a gentle pace building strength, stability and flexibility  for the body. A flow sequence of continuous  postures is designed for newer and intermediate students exploring  the connection between movement, breath and mindfulness. Verbal cues and inquiry will help to inspire and guide the practice. Connect  to the body, heart & spirit as you discover compassionate self-awareness within.

Class Cost $15
Class Length – 60 Minutes

Yoga Mantra, Movement & Meditation
Yoga practices include Asana (postures), Prana (breath practices) and Meditation (conscious awareness). Postures will awaken & restore the body and meditation will ground and sooth the nervous system. This practice incorporates mantras and/or mudras to engage the layers of the body and connect the heart & mind.

Class Cost $15
Class Length – 60 Minutes

Meditation Circle
Meditating with others is great way to anchor your practice and effect change. Session includes gentle stretching, yogic breath, and mindfulness practices. Destress, gain mental clarity and bring awareness to your day. *No experience necessary.

Class Cost $15 (with Yoga $5)
Class Length – 45 Minutes

**Workshops may be offered if requested

Restorative Yoga
Restorative Yoga uses blankets and blocks to fully support the body in foundational yoga postures, without muscular exertion. This class includes gentle movement and meditation to ground and sooth the nervous system and support immune system. Deep but passive, Restorative Yoga can release stress; it is also well suited for beginners as well as those with injuries.

Class Cost $20
Class Length – 75 Minutes

Yoga Class  Schedule – Yoga and Meditation
Contact Chris for the current schedule and Covid policy

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